About Essential Southeast Seattle

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Mission + Vision

Essential Southeast Seattle strives to provide a one-stop virtual Main Street for our community. Whether you are a business owner, neighbor, or visitor, we work to ensure that you can connect with businesses, customers, or resources. While we formed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we envision this site as an important tool for our community to use in the long-term to stay connected in an increasingly digital world.

The ESES Collective

The ESES Collective is a mix of neighborhood community-based organizations serving neighborhoods from Beacon Hill to Rainier Beach. We formed in response to the pandemic impact on our small businesses, and together we launched an online directory that includes southeast Seattle businesses and nonprofit organizations that are open to the public or virtually serving customers. We are thrilled to expand our work to this Marketplace and to provide a one-stop location to find resources for our community.


Essential Southeast Seattle’s Goals

Provide a platform for businesses with limited digital access: One of the primary reasons we started ESES was to create a virtual directory during COVID-19, but we found that many businesses faced barriers to getting online. The Marketplace is intended to be accessible for all businesses, regardless of digital experience.

Create free e-commerce options for small businesses: Many businesses have struggled to pivot to online sales, because many sales platforms are too costly or complex to set up. On the ESES Marketplace, we have prioritized providing e-commerce options that make it easy for any business to sell products – for free!

Collect resources for small businesses and neighbors in one place: The resource library, business toolkit, and business association features of ESES are part of our goal to be the essential resource for Southeast Seattle. Long after COVID-19, we hope that this site will continue to connect people with the resources they need to thrive.

Drone image of La Esperanza mural

Beacon Hill

La Esperanza and Dozer’s Warehouse murals by Crick Lont and Charms Won