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Mt. Baker Hub Alliance

The Hub Alliance strives to foster a strong Mt. Baker community where all businesses, employees, and residents flourish through business advocacy, public space improvement, and civic engagement. Our vision is for Mt. Baker to be a healthy and sustainable neighborhood that is a highly desirable area to live, work, and play. Our board and staff work together with community members to implement programs that improve the daily lives of everyone in our neighborhood and to be a resource for solving problems of any size.

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Beacon Business Alliance

For people who love Beacon Hill’s ethnic, social, and economic diversity, Beacon Business Alliance promotes the neighborhood, connects stakeholders, and guides the community’s evolution toward an inspiring, thriving, and increasingly livable place for everyone. We strive for a world where, with Beacon Business Alliance as a guide, stakeholders are motivated to help make the Beacon Hill business district and community more walkable, beautiful and filled with interesting businesses while maintaining community’s charm and broad diversity during a time of rapid change, so we avoid becoming just one more generic, gentrified Seattle neighborhood.

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Rainier Avenue Business Coalition

Rainier Avenue Business Coalition is an organization representing Hillman City, Columbia City, Genesee, Brighton, and Rainier Vista. Rainier ABC is engaged in improving our commercial districts by organizing our community around a shared vision, advocating for resources, providing technical support to our businesses, and supporting projects that drive us towards our vision of a welcoming, vibrant and successful string of commercial districts between Mt. Baker and Rainier Beach that are pedestrian-friendly and filled with ethnically-diverse, locally-owned small businesses.

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MLK Business Association

The MLK Business Association was formed in 2008 to organize and promote the businesses along Martin Luther King Jr. Way S. Our vision is to foster a strong, vibrant, and culturally diverse business community that is a destination, second to none, in the Pacific Northwest.

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Rainier Beach Economic Development Roundtable Initiative

Rainier Beach Economic Development Roundtable Initiative (RBEDRI) promotes equitable economic development for small businesses and residents in and around the Rainier Beach neighborhood. We provide business advice, technical assistance training, capacity building and access to funding. Together with more than 30 community partners, we advocate for BIPOC owned businesses to receive equitable access to loans and services designed to support small businesses so they are not displaced from the Rainier Beach neighborhood. The Roundtable is a joint initiative of the Rainier Beach Merchants Association and Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC), which has been working to make Rainier Beach “A Place for Everyone” for over 20 years. We want to support you to successfully start, grow or expand your business. We encourage you to contact us to get started!

Community Small Business Advocate:
Judy Jones, MMBA  206-420-1010 or Email: