Bar del Corso

“Our little restaurant on Beacon Hill started as an idea back in 2004. After several months of traveling around Italy followed by two years in Washington DC running Obelisk restaurant, and making dough at 2Amys, we returned to our beloved Pacific Northwest and started raising funds, opening our doors on July 15th, 2011. We are proud of the food we serve, made with love and care. We select the best produce, meats and shellfish, keep things as local as possible (unless coming directly from Italy) and creating a space for our guests to feel welcome, well-fed and happy. It’s a labor of love and we can’t imagine doing anything else (okay, maybe sitting in a Roman square sipping Aperol Spritzes). Thanks to everyone who has spent time with us!”

Bar del Corso 3057 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144 (206) 395-2069