Soie (Satin-Lined Apparel)

Black-owned, Minority-owned


We are minority-owned!

It is difficult to maintain the benefits of a “Du-rag”, “Bonnet” or a “Silk Head-Wrap” while maintaining the “style”. Normal apparel does not take that into account. So, we combined both!

A collection of high quality apparel lined with silk, created for hair care. Our brand is a constant balance of functionality and luxury street wear molded into accessible pieces.

Designing each piece with your comfort in mind, we aim to be apart of your every day wear. We take pride in quality and perfecting our designs to ensure that you won’t be able to leave your home without Soie!

Thank you to everyone for the endless support. If you’re new, welcome to the family. Many more ideas to come!

– Luxury is in the details ✨ –

Soie (Satin-Lined Apparel) 4602 S. Garden St Seattle, WA 98118 2534576677